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It provides students with the unique opportunity to learn from experienced professionals working in a variety of fields. The program is designed for the post-graduate students to develop their professional skills, network, and raise awareness among them about career opportunities. It will nurture the next generation of highly competent and socially responsible managers. With this program, the students will understand the connection between academics and career outcomes by forming relationships with Industry professionals. Mentors share their career journey and provide guidance, motivation, and emotional support. They assist with setting goals and developing a network of contacts, while also providing students with role models in the professional environment. The Industry Mentor Program offers the students an imaginative and prescient for their career.


  • Aims to encourage and support students transition from education to industry.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of a mentorship-based model in improving student engagement.
  • To connect students of all disciplines with industry professionals to support their professional development as they enter the industries.


  • Bridging the gap between academia and industry
  • Mapping the subsequent steps towards individual progress and exploring potentially to discover new career opportunities
  • Foster the mindset towards a practical perspective on industry trends
  • Boost their interpersonal abilities and expert communication
  • Recapitulation on professional profile building and performing interviewing exercises


Atharva School of Business is proud to launch the Mentoring Accelerated Program (MAP) This initiative will provide a platform for the future managers to get mentored from industry professionals.

Career Option Session in HR

January 14th, 2023

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.” — Steve Wynn The Atharva School of Business Mentoring Accelerated Program (ASB-MAP) recently hosted a "Career Option Session in HR" for PGDM SEM 2 students interested in pursuing a career in Human Resources. The guest speaker for the event was a renowned expert in the field, Ms. Latha Mishra, Director of HR, Asset Vantage.

The session aimed to give students a comprehensive understanding of the various roles and responsibilities of HR professionals within a company. During the session, Ms. Mishra discussed the importance of aptitude tests in the HR industry and the role of the HR department in shaping company culture. She also highlighted the key responsibilities of HR professionals and the importance of HR software. Overall, the session provided valuable insights into the various aspects of HR and the various career opportunities available in this field.

Managing an organization’s human resources is not that easy. It is one of the most challenging jobs because of the involvement of the human factor, which is in most cases unpredictable. In any industry, HR personnel are necessary. Companies will require HR professionals for efficient management.

Career Option Session in IT

January 13th, 2023

"The best way to predict your future is to create it." - Abraham Lincoln Atharva School of Business Mentoring Accelerated Program (ASB-MAP) recently hosted a successful "Career Options in IT" session for students interested in pursuing a career in the field of Information Technology. Our guest speaker for the event was none other than an industry expert, Mr. Shailesh Padgaonkar, who shared valuable insights and guidance on the various career options available within the IT industry and the skills required for the roles.

Mr. Padgaonkar also emphasized the importance of never taking decisions emotionally and instead, focusing on facts and taking informed decisions by analyzing data. We would like to thank all the students who attended the event and Mr. Shailesh Padgaonkar for his valuable contribution. We hope that the session provided valuable insights for those considering a career in IT and we look forward to organizing more such informative sessions in the future.

Career Option Session in Operations

January 10th, 2023

You are good, believe in yourself, you will be better. Atharva School of Business Mentoring Accelerated Program (ASB-MAP) organized a "Career Option Session in Operations" for PGDM SEM 2 students. The invited Guest speaker was Mr. Devendra Asar Consultant & Trainer and Retd GM & CEO Unilever Ltd. The key points which were covered in the session were promising career options in operation and why it is the most important component of a business firm that helps the organization sustain and grow, some roles to explore in operation, and the difference between skills and competency.

Like food variety at weddings, one individual's life has a variety of opportunities. Opportunities across industries unlock the potential. Operations are the core and heart of any organization and pump blood into the organization. An individual who wants to pursue operation has a wide scope to choose from and build a career but remember to look at your interest & strengths and skills & competence to understand where you will be happy & successful.

Which specialization should you choose in MBA?

January 5th, 2023

On December 5, 2022, Atharva School of Business organized an interactive session under "Mentoring Accelerated Program (MAP)," providing students with a platform to explore their field of interest. Our esteemed guest speaker was Dr. Lawrence Fernandes, the Director of Retail Learning at the Retailers Association of India. The purpose of the session was to understand the importance of knowing one's career options and how choosing a specific specialization can impact future career choices.

In addition, the session covered key milestones in the career planning stage and emphasized the importance of evaluating certain parameters before choosing a particular domain.


Mr. Amit Suman

Human Resources Manager at Vivanta Pune, Hinjawadi, Maharashtra, India.

Atharva School of Business- Mentoring Accelerated Program (ASB -MAP) is pleased to announce its debut Mentor Mr. Amit Suman. As the tagline of MAP is 'Sailing with Captains' we feel elated and hopeful to have a captain like Mr. Amit Suman. This program will enhance the career path of students and help them to get the proper guidance from industry professionals.

Mr. Rahul Tank

Director - Liquidity Proof & Control, MNC

Atharva School of Business- Mentoring Accelerated Program (ASB -MAP) is pleased to announce its debut Mentor Mr. Rahul Tank. We feel elated and hopeful to have a captain like Mr. Rahul Tank. He will be guiding and mentoring the finance students for their successful career path.