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Interim Budget 2024

1st February 2024

Finnix - the Finance Club of Atharva School of Business, in presence of esteemed Director and faculties, organised live streaming of the Interim Budget 2024-2025 for its students.

Our honorable finance minister, Nirmala Sitaraman presented the Union interim Budget of the year 2024-25 which shows a changing economy. It also provided a snapshot of the government's financial position, with focus on essential expenditures and policy directions, outlined essential expenditures, fiscal policies, and economic priorities. The session marked nearly 10 years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. The Finance Minister showcased the government’s achievements over the past decade, ahead of national polls due in a couple of months. From skill development to employment opportunities to digital education infrastructure and research and innovation funding - the session covered crucial announcements that can shape the future of education, employment and overall economic conditions.

The students indulged in a careful analysis showing the changing patterns in the Indian economy.

Global Macro Economic Perspective Treasury Markets

30 th October, 2023

The Corporate Talk on the topic “Global Macro Economic Perspective and Treasury Markets” was organised by “Finnix – The Finance Club” at Atharva School of business commenced with immense enthusiasm and was skilfully anchored by the students of Finnix Club. The purpose to conduct this event was to provide an exposure to students with respect to the global economic situations & their impact on Indian financial markets & Banking Sector.

The guest of honour, Mr. Brejesh Chalill (Executive Vice President - Head Treasury Market Sales, Axis Bank), delved into various aspects & offered profound insights into the global financial perspective during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the challenges and opportunities it presented. Mr. Chalill discussed the impact of events such as the Russia- Ukraine war and the Israel-Hamas conflict on the Indian financial market, providing a comprehensive understanding of their implications. He elaborated on historical financial crises, notably the Silicon Valley crisis and the impact of the Lehman Brothers collapse on the Indian financial markets. The speaker provided an overview of various banking products and processes, such as asset and liability management (ALM), cross-currency swaps, small and medium enterprises in foreign exchange (SME FX), bond indexation, equity and debt instruments, equity derivatives, currency derivatives, corporate bonds, government bonds, and Treasury bills. The informative talk encouraged participation by audience by opening the floor for questions.

This interactive session proved to be highly insightful, providing students with valuable insights into these fields. The Corporate Talk event was an enlightening and enriching experience for all attendees. The event not only provided valuable insights into global macroeconomic perspectives and Treasury markets but also emphasized the importance of staying informed and constantly learning. It was a memorable and knowledge-filled event that left a positive impact on all the students, inspiring them to pursue excellence in their academic and professional journeys.

IPO Unleashed

1st September 2023

Finix Club recently conducted a mock IPO activity for PGDM students, aiming to provide an experiential understanding of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). This event incorporated elements of role-playing to explain the IPO concept effectively.
The mock IPO likely followed a structured format: Introduction to IPO: The event started with an overview of what IPOs are, emphasizing their significance in the financial markets and how they allow companies to go public.
Role-Playing: PGDM students likely engaged in role-playing scenarios, taking on the roles of key stakeholders such as company executives, underwriters, investors, and regulatory authorities. This approach would have provided insights into the various perspectives involved in an IPO.
Simulation of the IPO Process: The activity has simulated the different stages of an IPO, including the company's decision to go public, due diligence, pricing, and the actual offering. We also conducted 2 Mock IPO with profit and loss of actual money to make them understand real life IPO listing gains and losses.

Mock Trading Game

December 5th, 2022

The Finance Club FINNIX hosted a successful "Mock Trading Game" on 5 December 2022 for batch 2022-24. The event provided an opportunity for students to learn and practice buying and selling stocks without using real money.The winners of the game were Aditya Patil and Rakesh Chougule, with Parag Sharma and Apoorva Joshi as the runners-up. These students achieved the highest stock market returns and were congratulated by the club members and faculty.

Participating in the "Mock Trading Game" was a valuable experience for the students, as it allowed them to gain hands-on experience in the stock market without risking their own money. The event was well-received, and the club looks forward to hosting similar events in the future.

Finance Club

FINNIX - Inspire Ignite Innovate

The club is being formed to create a platform towards cultivating interest in finance amongst students through various events. This club is a product of students’ driven initiative to provide opportunities to learn about the finance domain and develop their financial competencies. It is all about spreading financial knowledge through a range of events and causing a paradigm change in how people think about different financial situations in the fast changing financial world. It aids in giving financial expertise in this technological era by bringing unique ideas and solutions in previously explored areas of management discipline.

The club will assist students to get acquainted with current financial trends by getting inputs from industry experts and fostering an environment to discuss recent technological developments in the field of finance. Also getting real world experience of managing finance by putting academic theories into practice.