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Director's Message

Dr. Swati Parab
Professor & Director
Atharva School of Business (ASB)
"Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what we have to offer." - Rick Pitino

In the past twenty years, Atharva School of Business (ASB) has rooted itself in its pride in building superior academic programmes that encourage creative thinking, effortless strategizing, and overall development for our entrepreneurs and managers of tomorrow to mature into virtuous leaders. Atharva School of Business has grown into one of the finest B schools in the country and made itself synonymous with quality management education. The institute also strives to ingrain good morals and a spirit of dedication in its students to mentor and motivate them to shoulder their social responsibilities while building themselves. Our faculty, which includes experts in various sectors, strives to promote a smooth transition between theoretical concepts and practical industry knowledge. ASB's alumni boast of several achievements and continue to make notable contributions throughout various industries. Atharva School of Business's Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), approved by AICTE, offers specializations in Marketing, Finance, Human resources, Information Technology and Operations.
The program focuses on coaching students to confidently tackle a myriad of challenges in their careers. Our overall infrastructure, equipped with a library, computing, language lab, and other educational and curricular facilities, promotes knowledge-building and helps students acquire adequate skills to launch and sustain successful businesses while ensuring the development of their personalities. The curated syllabi prod our pupils' critical thinking skills and ability to strategize. Atharva Group of Institutions' outstanding pursuit of excellence is embedded in its vision to cultivate individuals who chase growth and aim for the betterment of society.

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