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Sell It If You Can (Dare to Sell)

Date: 12th September, 2023

Markomania Club activity ‘Sell It If You Can (Dare to Sell)’ aimed to provide students with unique opportunity to compete against each other with the power of their knowledge and technical skills of Marketing.
To begin, our student host, Mr. Sahil Shah, graciously extended a warm welcome to all attendees, setting the stage for an engaging and memorable event. The hosts commenced the event by introducing the distinguished panel of judges, led by the venerable Prof. Gyanesh Kulkarni. These esteemed judges, in addition to their roles in evaluating the participants, shared inspirational and motivational words that resonated deeply with the students and participants, setting the tone for an intellectually stimulating and spirited competition.
The event unfolded in three compelling rounds tailored specifically for our PGDM students: Quiz, Power of Imagination and Sales Pitch.
These student teams exhibited exemplary teamwork, innovation, and presentation skills, truly embodying the essence of the competition.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this event, and we eagerly anticipate the promising endeavors that lie ahead.

Career Option Session in Marketing

January 12, 2023

“The future is fluid. Each act, each decision, and each development creates new possibilities and eliminates others. The future is ours to direct.” – Jacque Fresco Atharva School of Business Mentoring Accelerated Program (ASB-MAP) organized a "Career Option Session in Marketing" for PGDM SEM 2 Students. The Guest speaker was Mr. Suyog Jadhav Vice President (Construction Business) insteel Engineers Pvt LTD. So, why marketing specialization? The very first question a student has. Our Guest speaker Mr. Suyog Jadhav shared his experience and insights into why he opted for marketing and what made him sure that marketing is what he is passionate about. A career in marketing offers unmatched variety. Explore, don't limit yourself, and understand your interest and competency towards the profession. Sir shared some KRAs skills that need to be cultivated are effective and clear communication, exemplary thought process, confidence, empathy, networking, data-driven problem-solving, emotional intelligence, negotiation, and a surge of creativity and authenticity. Also, An Individual must embrace and understand how to navigate the change.

The AD Mad Show

January 3rd, 2023

Marko Mania -Marketing Club has organized an event "The AD Mad Show" for the student of Atharva School of Business and Atharva Institute of Management Studies. Students actively participated in event. Students have a written script and role play and have created an advertisement.

E-Commerce Conclave

November 19th, 2022

Atharva School Of Business witnessed an excellent e-Commerce conclave organised by the student's marketing club committee " Mark-O-Mania" on 19th November 2023. This insightful session had students and budding entrepreneurs of PGDM batch 2022-23 who were given a platform and experienced a real-time investment pitch to showcase their start-up ideas, making them industry-ready and to be well-adhered to the competitive market beforehand. We had teams competing with their significant ideas and were delighted with industry expert judges, Mr Ujjwal Punamiya, head of public relations, Axis Bank and Mr Siddhant Oberoi, Digital Marketing Manager, Axis Mutual Fund. Start-up ideas ranged from displaying concern about women's safety to dealing with rental properties being accessible to college students and providing a savvy social media platform for queers to meet people of their kind and educate others, eventually supporting the LGBTQ+ community as a whole.

Mark-o-Mania presents Marketing Maven

The competition began with each team having 3 members each. In the first round, two teams received the topic “Gambling and money games advertisements should be banned.” Both the teams got into a good healthy discussion while maintaining the decorum and started off the debate competition with full enthusiasm. Another pair of teams and one from received the topic “Innovation Vs Invention- what is more important?” wherein both the teams displayed their thoughts in an amazing manner. After the completion of round 1, round 2 was kickstarted wherein the debate competition was carried forward by the previous two teams who surpassed in round 1. The topic received in the final round was “Advertising prevents the best product from being judged on merit and simply on aesthetics.” A great spark was seen between both the teams as they undertook the discussion and ended off the debate competition on a healthy note.

Ahead of the event Prof. Gaanyesh Kulkarni sir was welcomed on the stage to give his closing remarks and debrief about the event.

A warm welcome was given as the host acknowledged Dr. Harshita Kumar & Dr. Harish Purohit presence in the Mark-o-Mania activity.

Dr. Harshita Kumar was invited on stage to enlighten students with her captivating words and energy. Her words filled the students with immense motivation as she guided them the path towards their career and life.

Dr. Harish Purohit shared his few words of wisdom with all the students which uplifted and empowered all the students present there to a greater extent.

Furthermore, the certification ceremony began for the winners of the quiz competition. The names of the participants are as follows:

Winners of Quiz Competition:

  1. Jay Darji
  2. Karan Gundecha
  3. Rohan Chawhan
  4. Abhijeet Gomsale

Winners of Debate Competition:

  1. Bhavya Gala
  2. Sanjona Michael
  3. Aishwarya Salvi

Lastly, the event ended on an empowering note followed by a vote of thanks given by our hosts.


MARKOMANIA – Passion Beyond Imagination

The Marketing club, Mark-o-Mania, aspires to connect marketing concepts with real-life applications and assist students seeking a career in marketing. In addition to this, it conducts hands-on events that force students to apply sales concepts in the real world. It aims to connect industry and academia by inviting various industry experts to help bridge the gap between them. We aim to help students gain a competitive edge across various marketing fundamentals by providing exposure to business and industry events.

The club will help students to develop creative thinking abilities in solving problems and marketing issues. It will also foster the current scenario and the happenings around the world in the marketing space. It will also guide students with educational information that helps them make the best possible purchasing decision and provide them with information to facilitate their buying decisions for products or services.