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Executive President

Shri. Sunil Rane
Executive President


Atharva is a symbol of excellence and the Atharva School Of Business(ASB) is an integral part of the success story of the Atharva Brand. Within a short span of time, ASB has evolved into one of the premier management institutes in the country. The credit for that goes to our students and faculty. India is a land of a million opportunities and a cradle of civilisation. Throughout the sands of time ancient India has been a symbol of culture, innovation and knowledge. This is the land that gave birth to philosophies that have changed our perspectives. But modern India is a young Nation nestled in the womb of an ancient civilisation. Today’s India faces several challenges that can be only met if we all work together and build a new society based on exclusiveness, equal opportunity and freedom to excel. Also to translate the real potential of our ancient land we need the power of youth. Through every generation builds on the strong foundation of their predecessors and the youth of this nation are ready to take over with a promise which will surely turn into reality. Each year,a fresh batch of students join ASB to further their career and unlock their true potential. With every passing batch, the Atharva brand contributes to society by infusing young creative talent into the veins of the industrial world.
Effective and visionary governance is the key and we at Atharva are committed to professional management of education. All members of the Faculty play a critical role in administering the diverse academic and non-academic activities of the institute. In fact, the empowerment of the Management and the Faculty has been the propelling force behind the high quality learning experience at ASB. Our strength is also in the unique blend of faculty with academic and industry experience. The Institutes have collaborations with the best in the Industry from every sector. This has been a huge competitive edge that we have enjoyed over others and has greatly influenced our approach to education.
Atharva is committed to providing best-in-class standards and world class infrastructure and we really understand that the soul of a truly global management institute is in the strength of its Academics, Industry Interface and opportunities for cross-market and cross-country exposure. Added to that is the healthy competitive spirit on the campus among students... to excel in seminars, competitions and simulated exercises which have all gone a long way in building the ASB value proposition. The Atharva brand of Excellence actually belongs to every Atharvite who steps out of our portals to face the world with confidence. Your passion is our fuel and we are committed to be a part of you... throughout your life....even as you take on the world! All the Best!