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Constitution Day

December 23, 2022

Atharva School of Business and Atharva Institute of Management Studies celebrated Constitution Day. The Speaker Mr. Shivang Sharma and DR. Abhijit Sarkar share the Imporatnt of Constitution Day. On The Day came to remember the well-known Vande Mataram, the song that gave us freedom. May the Indian spirit prosper forever. To remember is to cherish.

Human Rights day

December 13, 2022

On Account of Human Rights day, the Cultural Club GOONJ of Atharva school of Business and Atharva Institute of Management studies actively participated in various roleplays to demonstrate to everyone about a plethora of issues that each one of us encounter in our workplaces, education institutions, and in our day to day lives as a whole.

The value of defending one's rights and seeking justice when they are violated was underlined in these performances. Some of the issues that were highlighted in these roleplays were human rights, right to education, consumer rights, equality and non-discrimination in the workplace and, many more like these.

Launch of Cultural Club

GOONJ- The Voice of Youth

The Cultural Club “Goonj- The Voice of Youth” was launched on 24th February 2022. The Traditional day was celebrated as “Rangeen Bharat” on the same day. The event was a whole day long and was held in the Seminar Hall. The Dignitaries, Ms Pallavi Rane Ma’am, Dr. R.G. Ratnawat Sir and Dr. Harshita Kumar Ma’am inaugurated the ceremony by lighting the lamp. It was accompanied by a melodious Ganesh Vandana and then the grand event began.

Rangeen Bharat program included Solo & group singing performances, dance performances, Ramp walk etc. There were more than 100 participants. The function revealed many aspects of the different cultures before the audience. Everyone sat glued to the show. Everyone enjoyed it a lot, praised the entire event and dispersed with a hope that such events should be organized in future giving a chance to students to display their talents. Rangeen Bharat program enabled us to know about rich Indian culture, inculcating a feeling of pride to be an Indian.

Cultural Club

Goonj- The Voice of Youth

The Cultural Club takes care of the Institute's cultural events throughout the year. Cultural Club “Goonj – The voice of youth” aims to bring out the latent talents of the college's students. The Cultural Club helps students discover the skills within themselves and gives them a platform to showcase it. It helps create a sense of togetherness and bond among their peers while up-lifting their confidence.

The objective of Goonj is to bring everyone together in joy and celebration and encourage students to engage in cultural activities and expand their creative ability.